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Features of Car Alarms:

Interior/Exterior Sensors -- These are sensors that detect motion when someone gets in the car or sits on the seats (good with open top vehicles).

Keyless Entry -- A system that lets you lock and unlock your doors with a handheld remote.

Remote Starting/Disabling -- Systems that come with remotes to let you start your car from hundreds of feet away. They also allow you to shut off the engine remotely.

Dual-Stage Sensors -- These sensors involve a two-part triggering system. When the car is first jostled, the triggers send out a series of warning beeps. If the event happens again, then the alarm goes off.

Here at Norwood Motorsports, we offer a wide variety of car alarms and security systems. When shopping for a car security system, it can be helpful to know the categories car thefts usually fall under and which your vehicle is most likely to be susceptible to. In general, there are three categories of car thefts: temporary theft, quick strips, and exports.

Temporary Theft, often referred to as taking a car for a joyride, is when a thief only uses a car for a short time, sometimes as a getaway vehicle. Sports cars and fast cars are frequently the targets for these kind of thefts. Odds are decent that you will get your car back, but it will probably not be in the condition it was in the last time you saw it... To protect against these kind of thefts, a car alarm system is a good choice along with employing commonsense in choosing parking spaces.

Quick Strips are when a car is stolen and taken to a chop shop to be stripped for parts. It'll be sold off piece by piece, and you'll never see your car again. Any car can be targeted for this kind of crime. Classics (in older cars, it can be hard to find parts) that are in good shape can make appealing targets. To protect against these kind of thefts, use protected parking when possible, employ car alarms that make audible sound, and also consider etching your VIN number into the engine block and other parts that might be appealing to thieves. It's much harder for them to move obviously stolen property.

Lastly, the export market is a growing type of auto theft. With this kind of theft, the entire car is shipped to other countries. People who live in port cities are especially susceptible to this kind of theft. Luxury cars are favorite prizes of thieves who specialize in exporting stolen cars. To prevent these kind of thefts, try car immobilizers, and also consider an on-vehicle tracking system.
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